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Crico views protection of Buyer’s privacy as a very important principle. Crico understands clearly that The Buyers and Buyer’s Personal Information is one of Crico’s most important assets. Crico stores and process Buyer’s Information including any sensitive financial information collected (as defined under the Information Technology Act, 2000. Crico’s current Privacy Policy is available at the Privacy Policy Page. If The Buyers object to Buyer’s Information being transferred or used in this way please do not use Website.


Crico records, stores and analyses the data that is available to us. This includes:

The data that the Buyer provide when a purchase is made at the store or on the website. The following is the information we request the Buyer to furnish:

* Mobile and Email

* First name/Last name

* Postal code

* Opt-in preference SMS/Email

This data helps us make sure that we take every measure to make sure that our customers are safe while using any of our products during their sporting activities. Production in bulk can sometimes lead to defective manufacturing. As and when we identify this, we make sure the customers are contacted and made aware of the risk.

Through various forms which are embedded in the communication that we send across to our customers.


To ensure that our customers are safe - If there arises a need to contact our customers with regard to the safety while using the product purchased, we will contact the Buyer only to let the Buyer know the safety concern and offer the Buyer an option to exchange/ refund or fix the product at no extra cost.

To be able to process exchange/refund incase the bill is lost. Our exchange period is 3 days from the date of delivery of shipment.

To send marketing and promotional messages and other information that might be of interest to our customers. This is only done with the consent of customers. At any point in time the customer can opt -out from receiving these communications.

To be able to contact our unhappy customers and resolve their issues and grievances.